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[Sticky] "Create your own Web Page" Now Available!  


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30/05/2019 11:27 am  

It was February 2018 when i had first decided to create a website for Ottawa Valley Rocks, and my initial goal was for people to be able to build there own pages for there bands, events, or services they have to offer in the Ottawa Valley. We have revamped the website twice now and slowly have gotten to the direction we wanted to offer the freedom, at NO COST to the artist, for everyone to enjoy! We are #MusiciansHelpingMusicians and i am proud to announce...the final step of our website is complete. We have enabled the option for you all to create your own webpage that only you can edit, and cater to your specific needs. So once signing up.. have a look at the top Left hand Corner for the "New +" button. Once clicking on it, you will then be able to create your own page via the "Beaver Builder". Have fun and enjoy this free service!

If you need help using the Beaver Builder check out this video via youtube