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06/03/2019 12:35 pm  

Hey folks! I am Rikk Rollins from Pembroke, Ontario.  I write and produce many styles and genres of music.  I also run the website for OttawaValleyRocks.ca and provide many services for the Ottawa Valley Music Industry.
You can check out my material on my website @ RikkRollins.com or via most social media and streaming platforms.  

Here is my newest release and a song with a message that helped pull me through a tough time... Here is 'Im not Dead' 😎 

If you enjoyed this song please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Follow me up on my social media accounts!
Cheers folks 

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What Does Fear Mean To You by Rikk Rollins
Produced by OttawaValleyRocks.ca
Your living with something that really meant nothing.. you're stuck in the moment it captured you..What does this Fear Mean to You? 🎸🔥😈

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