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15/03/2019 12:31 pm  

Welcome! We are veteran musicians, drawing inspiration from our love of progressive and psychedelic music the likes of Pink Floyd, Santana and Led Zeppelin. Our equipment and instrumentation of dual guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion and vocals allow us to authentically recreate any style. We promise to inspire and entertain the audience with a memorable evening of singing, dancing, and fun! Our music spans from the 50's right up to now. Besides the bands listed above, we also cover an eclectic range of acts like Manfred Mann; Muse; Deep Purple; The Allman Brothers; Steely Dan; Styx; Incubus; Steve Miller; REM; Supertramp; Rush; Toto and on and on.

Connect with us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DarkSpeed-603113163228392

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Thanks so much for joining us! I've shared this to facebook and look forward to working with ya in the future!
#OttawaValleyRocks \m/

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